Garden Tips

Growing Your Own Mushrooms
If you are a gourmet mushroom lover who wants to grow your own mushrooms at home, then it is much easier than you think with our mushroom growing kits and mini mushroom farms.  Learn more by scanning the frequently asked...
Guide to Growing Edible Plants From Seed
Life gets busy sometimes, and that's when seedlings are the answer for a quick and convenient edible garden.  But growing plants from seed can be incredibly rewarding, and is a super money-saver.  This guide to growing edible plants from seeds...
Guide To Growing Delicious Strawberries
Strawberries are the perfect fruit to grow in a small city space or an apartment garden! (They can even be grown in vertical garden planters, pots and hanging baskets, provided they get lots of sun, food and regular water.  Find our tips and tricks for growing delicious strawberries at home.
Guide to growing your own sprouts
Growing homemade sprouts can be so satisfying and is a fun midwinter project for the kids. By growing your own sprouts, you will always have a fresh supply and you won't need to buy them in plastic bags at the...
Guide to Worm Farming and Bokashi
A Step-by-Step Beginners Guide to Home Worm Farms Worm farms are essentially a compost system that turns organic waste (in the form of worm castings and worm tea) into natural fertiliser for your garden. Wondering how to start a worm...
Pests, disease and weeds
Here at Urban Bounty, we believe that when it comes to pests, diseases and weeds, prevention is easier than the cure. Avoid common mistakes and learn how to manage pests, diseases and weeds that can prevent your plants from thriving.
Moving, repotting or separating
Sometimes plants outgrow their space.  Find out more about how to repot or divide up your favourite edible plants.
Pruning, dead heading and shaping
Giving your plants a haircut not only keeps them looking good – it lets light and air in so your plants aren't as susceptible to fungal diseases and pests. It can also improve fruit or vegetable size and quality. Deadheading involves...
Feeding and watering
Like us, plants need extra food and nutrients every now and then to remain healthy.  A good rule of thumb is to feed garden plants every two or three weeks, or slightly more frequently in their peak growing season.  Feed...
Healthy Soil
Many people don’t realise our soil is alive with micro-organisms that help plants take up nutrients. Healthy soil has incredible biodiversity with bugs and worms and can store carbon dioxide. Healthy soil equals healthy plants and a healthy planet.  ...
Dealing with tricky conditions
Dealing with a tricky garden situation can be daunting if you are trying to establish a thriving edible garden.  Find tips on how to keep your garden alive in even the toughest growing conditions.  
Try Pots
Many plants can be grown in pots from herbs and vegetables to dwarf varieties of fruit (and some, like figs, actually fruit better in containers.)  A feature pot can add ‘x-factor’ to your outdoor space, height where you need it,...
Making the most of what you've got
Clever city gardens make the most of what they have. Follow these three simple tips to make the most of the opportunities in your backyard: Disguise walls, fences and boundaries Boundaries are always close in small urban gardens so use...
Creating a lush courtyard or balcony

Living in an apartment, unit or a flat doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden to disguise the concrete jungle outside your window. Plants add style to the most uninspiring spaces.  Get information on how to create a lush outdoor space using edible plants and creative thinking.

Creating a sense of space
Urban gardens tend to be smaller, which has some advantages (like less lawn to mow!). They are often sheltered from the wind, so tropical plants with big leaves may do well depending on the amount of shade and climate. Cunning...
Design a low-maintenance garden
Time is precious, so grow an easy care garden if life is busy.  Our low maintenance garden guide gives tips that will help you cut down on time and effort spent in the garden.  
Plan your style and layout
Planning your edible garden is super-exciting, but also a bit daunting.  Find practical tips for designing and planting a garden that suits your home, your busy lifestyle and your personality.