Creating a sense of space

Urban gardens tend to be smaller, which has some advantages (like less lawn to mow!). They are often sheltered from the wind, so tropical plants with big leaves may do well depending on the amount of shade and climate.

Cunning design tricks can help create a sense of space. Here's how:

Use tricks of the eye

  • ‘Borrow’ the view from over the fence. Layered planting with a low dark fence can soften your boundary.
  • A well-placed pot, feature wall, path or a piece of garden art can draw the eye to the horizon.
  • Curved garden beds create the perception there is more ‘just around the corner’.

Be selective about what you include

  • Bold but simple choices can make a small space inviting, but too many features can overwhelm.
  • One large statement pot plant or a vertical garden can soften a tiny space without clutter.

Be brave and do away with the lawn!

  • Lawns can be high maintenance. Try paving and creeping ground covers instead.

Create privacy

  • High fences create privacy but have some disadvantages. A strategically placed feature tree, trellis or arbour will obscure your neighbour's view without blocking your sun or making you feel hemmed in.