Creating a lush courtyard or balcony

Living in an apartment, unit or a flat doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden to disguise the concrete jungle outside your window. Plants add style to the most uninspiring spaces.

Follow these tips to create a lush setting in your wee space:

Grow something delicious


Get potting

  • Use lightweight pots or a macrocarpa mini box to create a transportable green oasis on a balcony, rooftop or patio.  A kitchen herb planter can also look amazing inside. (Remember they will need regular food and water to thrive.)
  • Large pots look best and make plant care easier. Alternatively, a collection of smaller pots on an upcycled shabby-chic sideboard can look fabulous and add extra storage. 
  • Potted plants can be thirsty. It is better to give them a deep watering twice a week, rather than lots of light sprinkles. Self-watering pots are great for apartments.

The sky is the limit

  • A balcony or courtyard is the perfect place for vertical gardening. Create a lush green wall using stackable planters or upcycled pallets.
  • Espaliered fruit trees can create a stylish European atmosphere. Lemons, figs, Chinese quince, apple and pears espalier well.
  • Hanging baskets are a great space saver and are perfect for herbs, edible flowers and cherry tomatoes.
  • Train vines over pergolas or garden balustrades.

Garden for the conditions

  • If your space soaks up a lot of sun, choose sun-lovers like potted citrus, lavender and rosemary. If yours is a shady spot, try parsley, mint, mizuna, rocket, nasturtium or sweet violets.