Growing Your Own Mushrooms

If you are a gourmet mushroom lover who wants to grow your own mushrooms at home, then it is much easier than you think with our mushroom growing kits and mini mushroom farms.  Learn more by scanning the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

About Growing Mushrooms

What growing conditions do mushrooms like?
Mushrooms like humid growing conditions and grow best on a table or bench with indirect light.  
What temperature do mushrooms grow at?
Mushrooms grow best at 10 -18C, but Oyster Mushrooms can handle temperatures of between 5 and 25C. 
How should I store my mushrooms?
Keep your mushrooms in the fridge in a paper bag.  Mushrooms are delicate.  The fresher the mushroom, the better the flavour and the more nutritious they will be. 

Mini Mushroom Farm Kits

How quickly do I need to initiate my Mushroom Kit? Mini Mushroom Farms and Log Kits contain live mycelium (think of this as the plant roots).  They need to be initiated within 7 days of arrival - don't put them away and wait for a rainy day to start mushroom growing!
How do I look after my Mushroom Mini Farm?
These Mini Mushroom Kits make it so easy to grow your own organic, nutritious mushrooms from home.  Inside the box, is a growing substrate that will help your mushrooms thrive.  (It is mainly made up of wood, water, buckwheat hulls and rye grains). All you have to do is open the box up, give it some water, and away it grows.
You should position your mushroom farm on a bench or table with indirect light.  Avoid placing it next to hot elements, wood burners, heaters, or places where it will dry out quickly.
Spray your farm daily to stop it drying out.
How many mushrooms will my Mini Mushroom Farm produce?
Your mini mushroom farm can produce up to 5 harvests over a 3 month period. Depending on the variety you choose (and growing conditions), you can expect somewhere between 0.5kg 0 1kg of fresh oyster mushrooms. 
How long before I can harvest mushrooms?
Your mushrooms should be ready to harvest in approximately 7-14 days (when the first mushrooms begin to form out of the grow window.) Subsequent harvests can take up to 4 weeks. 
How do I know that my mushrooms are ready?
When the cap of the largest mushroom in the cluster begins to  curl upwards, harvest all the mushrooms no matter how large or small.  Make sure you don't leave any mushrooms on the substrate as this will prevent the next flush from coming through.
Why are my harvests getting smaller?
The first flush (first harvest) of mushrooms is usually the biggest because the nutrients in the bag are at their peak.  Subsequent harvests will get smaller as the nutrients and water in the substrate decrease.  Soaking the bag for longer periods and misting well can help to mitigate the moisture loss, but the nutrients will slowly run out, producing smaller crops over time.
What is the white powder under my Mini Mushroom Farm?
If you see white powder (ie. mushroom spores) on the table under your mushroom farm, you have left the mushrooms on the block with-out harvesting for too long. Simply, harvest the mushrooms and wipe the table.

Mushroom Log Kits

How quickly do I need to start my mushroom log?
These kits come ready to go when they arrive at your door, so they need to be used within 7 days of arrival.  Don't wait for a rainy day to start your mushroom farm!
What does a Mushroom Log Kit include?
The DIY Mushroom Log kits contain 40 wooden dowels inoculated with shiitake mycelium, local beeswax, and full instructions.  ll you have to do is find a log! (Oak, Beech, Maple, Aspen, Poplar and Birch are good choices.)
How many logs will I need to source?
There are enough dowels to set up two small logs or one large log.  A
How do I set up My Mushroom Log?
Hammer the dowels into the log and seal with beeswax.  (Seal the ends of the log too.) Leave the log in a shady, moist spot in the garden with good air flow so it doesn't dry out.  The logs need air, water, and light to grow, so leave the mushroom log in a shady, moist spot in the garden with good airflow so it won't dry out.
How do I look after my mushroom log?
Water your mushroom log a couple of times a week if the weather is warm and dry, and a couple of times a month in winter. During long periods of drought, soak your logs occasionally.
When will my mushrooms be ready to harvest?
After 7 - 12 months outside, your log will be fully colonised.   Immerse your log in water for 24 hours, pop it back in the garden and watch the magic begin to happen!
After your harvest is spent, leave the log in place for next year's harvest.
What should I do with my mushroom bag after it is finished?
When your mushroom harvests have begun to drop off, you will notice that the bag inside the box has shrivelled and dried out.  This means the mushrooms have used all the nutrients in the substrate.  You can either re-soak it and try for one last crop, or you can break up the bag and use it as garden mulch.  You can pop it in the compost too.

 About Urban Bounty Mushroom Products

Are all of your mushrooms edible?
We only sell edible mushroom kits.  Our kits are specially inoculated so they only grow the mushroom variety that you have chosen.  We do not sell poisonous mushrooms or psychoactive magic mushrooms.
Are your mushroom growing kits organic?
The substrate used in our Mini Mushroom Farms contains Biogrow certified, organic materials (Mycelium, wood, water, buckwheat or wheat bran and rye grains).  You don't need to worry about nasty chemicals or additives.