Making the most of what you've got

Clever city gardens make the most of what they have. Follow these three simple tips to make the most of the opportunities in your backyard:

Disguise walls, fences and boundaries

  • Boundaries are always close in small urban gardens so use them to your advantage. A Chinese quince hedge, espaliered fruit trees, or a climbing passionfruit vine look stunning, eat well and can disguise a tired fence.
  • Make boring blank walls a canvas by adding a splash of colour, a mural, wall-hung pots or a piece of garden art.

Create a shady living roof

  • Create an inviting spot to relax under. Train a grape over a pergola to create a living roof that provides shade in summer but allows light through in winter.

Use forgotten spaces

  • Make the most of the forgotten spaces down the side of your house. With thought they can provide beautiful views from every room in your house.