Moving, repotting or separating

Sometimes plants outgrow their space, or you might want to propagate them by dividing them up.  If you want to learn more about how to repot or divide your edible plants, these tips will get you started.

Tips for moving and repotting plants
While plants are pretty resilient, moving or repotting can place them under stress. The general rule is to remove any flowers or fruit, work when cool or overcast and water well afterwards. Follow these steps for the best chance of success:

  • Wait until winter when the plants are dormant before shifting them and avoid leaving roots exposed for too long.
  • Water the plants the day before you shift them, again before you dig them up, and after you have moved them
  • Prune back the foliage by about 30% before shifting
  • Prepare the new site well with a generous hole with mature compost in the bottom.
repotting or moving plants
Separating or dividing plants
Clumping or spreading plants like thyme or alpine strawberries, or plants with rhizomes like day lilies or canna lilies can be divided up. This is a great way to cheaply plant a garden border and produce a consistent look. Use a sharp spade or trowel to separate, making sure the new section has plenty of roots.