Try Pots

Many plants can be grown in pots from herbs and vegetables to dwarf varieties of fruit (and some, like figs, actually fruit better in containers.) 

A feature pot can add ‘x-factor’ to your outdoor space, height where you need it, or privacy in an urban garden. They are also a great option if you are renting and want to create a welcoming outdoor space or a transportable garden.

Urban Bounty’s top tips for potted edibles:

Less is more

  • Bigger is (usually) better – don't make the mistake of buying small pots only to stunt plant growth. A collection of large pots looks more appealing than lots of small ones. 
  • Consider root types – plants with tap roots like parsley need taller pots whereas spreading plants with shallow roots such as thyme may suit a wider pot.
  • A vegetable and herb planter box is a good alterative to a large pot.  You can purchase our amazing kitset planter boxes online - they are proudly made right here in Auckland from sustainable macrocarpa.   

Lightweight all the way

  • Pots are heavy – if you plan to move your pots or worry about the weight on your balcony, consider lightweight types made from fiberglass or recycled plastic.
  • Let Urban Bounty deliver edible pot plants to your door so you can avoid the heavy lifting in and out of cars!

Think about water, drainage and food

  • Terracotta pots soak up water away from plants so might suit Mediterranean plants but not water lovers.
  • Put small stones at the bottom of your pots for drainage.
  • When watering, give your plants a thorough soaking once or twice a week, rather than a light water every day.
  • Use a quality potting mix that suits your plants. You can alter the potting mix to suit them, for example blueberries do well in potting mix for acid loving plants.
  • Feed your plants with a slow-release food twice a year (in April and September) to keep them healthy.