Preserved lemons

Preserved lemons are a great option if you have a glut of lemons and don’t want them to spoil.  They are preserved in a salt brine and the preserved skins can then be chopped and used in salads throughout the year.   


10 Lemons (we use dwarf Meyer lemons, which happen to grow exceptionally well in pots) 

Juice of 1 or 2 lemons 

½ c Salt 


Wash the lemons and cut off any stems.  Cut the tip of the lemon off (about 1 cm).  Cut the lemon into quarters, but instead of slicing right through, keep the quarters attached to the base of the lemon.  Pull the segments gently apart (still keeping them attached to the base) and sprinkle with salt (inside and out).   

Place your bottling jars and lids into boiling water to sterilise them.  While the jar is still hot tightly packing your lemons into the jar.  They should release some juice, which will cover them.  If they aren’t completely covered, top them up with some extra lemon juice and then fill the remainder of the jar with a couple of tablespoons full of salt.  Seal the lid and stand upside down at room temperature for a few days.  Refrigerate for three weeks before using.   

To use preserved lemons, wash them when they come out of the jar and remove the skin and the pips.  You can now chop and use the lemon rind in recipes.