Rhubarb and Orange Compote

Some people love rhubarb and others hate it.  We think you will love it if you try this recipe - oranges and rhubarb are a match made in heaven!  It can be served warm on muesli or with custard, coconut yoghurt or ice-cream.   


10 stalks of rhubarb 

2 tbsp honey 

Juice of 1 orange 

1 tbsp ginger 

1 tsp cinnamon (optional) 

½ c strawberries (optional) 


Wash the rhubarb and cut into two centimetre pieces. 

Place the rhubarb and orange juice in a saucepan on low heat and simmer, stirring regularly.

Stir in honey and ginger.  Add more honey to taste, and add small amounts of water if it is sticking.

Cook until the chunks of rhubarb are soft.