Roast Kumara and Orange Salad

This salad is an interesting twist on roasted Kumara.  You can free-style a little bit, depending on what you have in the garden.  For example, you could add some baby Spinach leaves, Okinawa Spinach, or chopped Mint if you have them in the garden.


3 – 4 Kumara (chopped into bit sized cubes) 

1 red Onion 

1 – 2 Capsicum 

1 tsp Cumin 

1 tbsp Honey 

2 tsp whole grain Mustard 

Salt and Pepper 

¼ c toasted nuts (Macadamia or Almonds work well) 

Juice of 1 Lemon 

Juice of 1 Orange 

¼ c Olive Oil 

Salt and pepper

Half a block of Feta (cubed/crumbled) 


Wash, chop and roast your Kumara.  Place in an oven dish and toss with a slug of olive oil, cumin, honey and mustard.  Season with salt.  Cut a red Onion into wedges and nestle them amongst the kumara.  Roast the vegetables at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, or until golden. 

Cut Capsicums in half and de-seed .  Place them under the grill with a little olive oil.  When the skin is bubbled and black, take them out and slip off the skin.  Chop roughly and set aside.  

Mix together a vinaigrette of Lemon and Orange juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

When the Kumara comes out of the oven, pour over the vinaigrette (while the dish is still warm).  

Combine the Capsicum and Kumara then pile on a platter.  Sprinkle over toasted nuts and feta  for serving.  


  • Skip the feta if you don't love cheese - drizzle over a little Greek yoghurt instead 
  • Sprinkle over fresh herbs from the garden - or try Okinawa Spinach, Perennial Basil or baby Spinach instead 
  • Sprinkle over Pomegranate seeds for a pop of tartness