Coastal Gardens

Coastal gardens are about relaxed living, kiwi holidays, BBQs and sea views

Coastal gardening is a way of life for many of us in Aotearoa. Ocean views provide breath-taking backdrops but sandy soil, wind, salty air and dry conditions can create tricky gardening conditions.

Our coastal collection offers a range of edible plants suited to these conditions. Putting in a raised vegetable bed is also a good option at the beach - you can fill with salt-free, nutritious garden mix. This will give your herb and vegetable garden a fighting chance against harsh coastal conditions.

Coastal gardens have an informal, casual feel. They often feature driftwood, decks for outdoor entertaining, rustic furniture, bright colours, mass planting, and shell paths.

We often connect coastal gardens with Pohutukawa, manuka and flax. but plants like avocado, loquat, citrus, aloe vera, calendula and nasturtium grow well at the beach too.