Elegant Gardens

Traditional and formal, these gardens have a classical design that also delivers a rich edible bounty

Elegant gardens often feature straight lines, clipped hedges and topiary or parterre. Features such as brick paths and patios, classical urns and statues, fountains and formal pools can be used to tie the look together.

Edibles like topiary bay, lavender hedges, citrus and roses can be used to complement a classical, elegant look. Espaliered Chinese quince, standard cherries, and grapes grown over an arbour will also fit well.

Gardeners who prefer formal layouts will enjoy the symmetry and more muted colours of this garden style. An elegant garden suits a wide range of homes, from villas and bungalows to simple plaster homes.

The advantage of this style is that hedges can hide a lot of weeds from view, but remember that it also takes a bit of work to keep them looking neat and trimmed!