Harvest and Eat

Enjoy your bountiful harvest

The best thing about an edible garden is sharing your harvest with friends and family. Our seasonal harvest tips and recipes will help you make the most of your homegrown bounty.

Winter Harvest Tips

Winter is for comfort food. Lots of the produce coming from your garden is perfectly suited to heartwarming roasts, soups and casseroles. Cool loving Brassicas and root vegetables are in full swing, and citrus trees will also be delivering loads of vitamin-C packed fruit. Don't forget winter herbs and leafy greens - we hope you remembers to plant some Rosemary, Sage, Mizuna and Spinach to take you through the cold season!

Do Now

Feed your garden if you didn't remember at the end of autumn. Morganics fertiliser is agreat option.

Keep pickingleafy greens so they bush out and keep producing! If you haven't already, plant some Sage, Mint and Rosemary to get you through winter.

Plant fruit trees in winter when they are dormant and look forward to future fruit harvests!

Don't let root vegetables sit in water-logged, poorly drained soil, as they will rot.

Avoid piercing root vegetables with your pitch fork.  Carefully place the tip into the soil a few centimetres from your crop. Push it in with your foot, then pull on the handle and tilt the tines of the fork under your vegetables.


Pick Now

Olives are ready around August (shake the tree and they'll fall off!) Lay a ground mat down to catch them first!

Keep picking Okinawa Spinach, Rocket, Mizuna, Tat Soi, Perpetual Spinach, Coriander, Spring Onions and Parsley as needed in the kitchen. Leave the inner leaves to keep growing for future use.

Rather than cutting Rhubarb stalks, gently turn from the bottom of the stalk and it should come away.  The young pink stalks are the sweetest.

Pick Limes when light green and slightly soft to squeeze.  Don't wait until they are yellow and bitter. They keep ripening after picking.

Harvest Beetroot at golf ball size - don’t let them grow to tennis ball size or they become woody.

Harvesting your first Broccoli florets promotes the growth of lots of smaller florets that can be harvested regularly. Cut the floret off and leave the rest of the plant.

Eat Now

Try making a delicious autumn pesto with Okinawa Spinach and the last of your Perennial Basil leaves - they were a hit in our households!

Make the most of winter Lemons. We love squeezing it into Greek mash, or zingy salad dressings.

Try our roasted Rhubarb and Orange recipe for dessert - a match made in heaven!

Oranges can be freshly squeezed, or use in a decadent brandied Orange dessert!

Winter Comfort Recipes

Brandied Oranges

Hearty Curried Pumpkin Soup

Spicy Kimchi

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Make the most of the fresh produce in your home garden! Our recipes blog has lots of other seasonal recipes you can go to when you need a little inspiration!