Care for your plants and feed your soul

Looking after your garden can be fun or a chore, so we have pulled together some garden care tips to make life easier.

Dealing with tricky conditions

We all have tricky spots in our garden, but some are harder than others! The key is knowing how to deal with them.

What you need to know

Healthy Soil

Healthy soil equals healthy plants and a healthy planet. Improve soil health with bokashi compost or worm tea from your own worm farm.

What you need to know

Feeding and watering

Regular feeding and watering keep plants healthy. It's easy to make natural plant fertilizer at home if you know how.

What you need to know

Pruning, dead heading and shaping

Sometimes your plants need a haircut to keep them healthy and looking good, so it helps to know some pruning basics.

What you need to know

Moving, repotting or separating

Plants can outgrow their space. Find out how to move, repot or divide your edible plants.

What you need to know

Pests, disease and weeds

Every garden suffers from some pests and diseases, but this is less likely if your garden is healthy and nature is in balance. 

What you need to know

Need landscaping advice?

Sometimes you need a little expert advice to design the garden of your dreams, or green-fingered help to keep on top of it. Recommended landscaping and garden maintenance services in Auckland