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This mix of red and yellow cocktail tomatoes is perfect if you have a small space but still want to grow a selection of delicious, juicy tomatoes this summer.   This selection is ideal for container growing, so city dwellers will be happy!

Urban Bounty Cocktail Tomato seed packets contains approximately 200 seeds - why buy more than you need? 

What are Cocktail (Cherry) Tomatoes? 

Cocktail (cherry) tomatoes are pint-sized but prolific tomato plants.  They grow in a compact bush-like shape, but they can reach up to 200 cm high in the right conditions.

This selection includes a mix of pear, plum and round shaped tomatoes in red and yellow.  These are definitely a summer barbeque and apartment garden essential!  

Culinary Uses for Cocktail Tomatoes 

Cocktail tomatoes are so versatile and can be used in a range of cuisines, from Mexican, to Mediterranean.  We love these gem-sized tomatoes in salads, on bruschetta, in guacamole, and in Greek Salad (with basil, cucumber, red onion and feta).  They are a healthy, litter-free option for school lunches too!

Growing Conditions - Cocktail (Cherry) Tomatoes

As far as tomatoes go, cocktail tomatoes are the easiest to handle, as it isn't essential to prune unruly lateral runners.  However, with any tomato plant, you need to be prepared to give a little bit of love and attention.  

Tomatoes love full sun in rich, free draining soil. Plant in spring, after the last threat of frost has passed.  Asparagus, basil, beans, oregano, parsley, marigold, garlic, chives, corn, dill, mustard, aubergine, mint, sage, thyme are good companion plants for tomatoes. 

Stake seedlings, and feed and water daily in hot weather. If you are growing tomatoes in pots, remember that regular feeding and watering is critical.  Remember to check for pests and diseases towards the end of summer.

Growing Instructions -  Cocktail Tomato Seeds

  • Transplant: Early - late summer (when they are 10cm tall)
  • Spacing: 40 cm
  • Sowing depth: 3 mm (barely cover with soil)
  • Keep soil moist but not soggy
  • Germination: 7 - 14 days
  • Maturity: 40 - 50 days after transplant

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        How do you package your products?

        We take extra care to water plants well and drain them before sending.  Plants are shipped in specially designed packaging, designed to reduce the risk of damage in transit. Trees and bushes are securely wrapped in paper to reduce risk of soil escaping during transit.  They are well supported with scrunched up paper to prevent movement during transit.  


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