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Urban Bounty Spinach Medley seeds packets include approximately 105 seeds - enough for a good crop in an urban garden. 

About Spinach  

Spinach is an extremely nutritious leafy green - there was a reason that Popeye ate so much of it! Spinach is the ideal coastal garden leafy green but is also suited to a potted courtyard garden.  It is such an easy care vegetable, that even beginner gardeners will be able to grow spinach without much fuss.  

This seed mix includes four types of spinach -  Winter Giant, Summer Green F1, Upright F1 & Santana.  Each of these varieties is suitable for harvest when the leaves are young and tender.  If left for longer, Spinach plants will grow to about 30 cm high and 20 cm wide.  

Culinary Uses for Spinach

Pick the leaves as you need them and enjoy raw in salads, in quiches or steamed. 

Growing Conditions - Spinach Medley


Spinach thrives in full-part sun and rich, well draining soil (it hates having 'wet feet'!).  It prefers neutral - slightly alkaline soil. Spinach can handle a mild frost but needs regular water and protection from slugs and snails! 

Spinach loves cooler weather and germinates best when the soil is between 12 and 22 degrees, so we recommend that you sow your seeds in either early spring, or early autumn - avoid sowing in the heat of summer.  Sow about 50 seeds, 10 cm apart each week.  You will be rewarded by a steady crop of spinach leaves throughout the growing season.

Strawberries, beans, peas and cauliflower make good companion plants for Spinach, but avoiding planting it near potatoes. 

Growing Instructions - Spinach Medley Seeds

  • Direct sow: Early spring or early autumn
  • Spacing: 10 cm apart
  • Sowing depth: 1.2 cm
  • Keep soil consistently moist (but not soggy) while germinating
  • Germination: 7 - 10 days
  • Harvest: 45 days 

        We offer a replacement guarantee

        To give you peace of mind, we offer a replacement guarantee if your plants do not arrive in good condition.  If there is a problem please let us know as soon as you receive your package and we will work with you to resolve it.

        What will postage cost?

        Postage varies by region, and by parcel size/weight. 

        Customers are asked to choose the correct postage option at checkout (urban or rural). 

        If you order a worm farm or garden bed and plants in the same order, the postage for the worm farm will be added to the postage for the other items.  (These items are dispatched from separate locations.) 

        If you live in the South Island, Waiheke or Great Barrier Island, please contact us for a custom shipping quote: info@urbanbounty.co.nz 

        How often do you dispatch?

        To reduce the risk of plants sitting in a courier depot over weekends, we usually ship orders on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (except public holidays).   

        How do you package your products?

        We take extra care to water plants well and drain them before sending.  Plants are shipped in specially designed packaging, designed to reduce the risk of damage in transit. Trees and bushes are securely wrapped in paper to reduce risk of soil escaping during transit.  They are well supported with scrunched up paper to prevent movement during transit.  


        Where do you deliver to? 

        We deliver to most locations in the North Island - you can order and make payment via our website, Facebook or Instagram stores.  

        South Island, Waiheke and Great Barrier

        While we deliver to the South Island, we ask customers in these locations to email us for a quote: info@urbanbounty.co.nz  Shipping to the South Island can be expensive and is extremely variable by location - we like to avoid nasty shocks at checkout! 

        We don’t generally ship to Waiheke, Great Barrier except by special arrangement. (Delivery can be expensive, and we want to ensure that our live plants arrive in good condition.)  If items are small and non-perishable (such as seeds) delivery may be possible.  Contact us to discuss options: info@urbanbounty.co.nz

        Do you deliver to post office boxes?

        Unfortunately live products like plants, garden beds and worm farms can't be delivered to Post Office Boxes. Large items (like garden furniture) are delivered to the nearest freight depot for customer pickup if outside of Auckland.


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