Macrocarpa Patio Garden Box


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Plant your own herbs and greens in the city! This gorgeous natural macrocarpa garden box is perfect for your small courtyard or even your rented home. In fact, we think that this is one of the best raised garden beds on the market for city living!

Delivered in a flatpack, this moveable garden bed is very easy to assemble and to relocate if you decide to move on. 

We love the fact that it is made right here in Auckland, NZ using sustainably sourced, plantation grown macrocarpa (untreated).  This wood is very durable (so there is no need to line it) and because it is untreated, you won't need to worry about any nasty chemicals!

Choose whether you want your garden box capped/uncapped, with/without a base.  If you opt for one without a base, we recommend that you line the bottom with some cardboard, newspaper or old carpet to prevent weed growth from underneath your garden box.   


  • Size: 1m (l) x 50cm (w) x 42cm(h)
  • Takes approximately 7 bags of soil mix.
  • Manufactured using 40mm thick dressed timber - smooth and sturdy!
  • Simply slot each side into the corner posts, and use the screws provided to secure. Holes are pre-drilled for easy assembly, even for a DIY rookie!

Freight notes:

Due to the large size of this product, delivery outside of Auckland is to the nearest freight depot. You will need to organise pickup or onforwarding from the depot. 

We offer a replacement guarantee

To give you peace of mind, we offer a replacement guarantee if your plants do not arrive in good condition.  If there is a problem please let us know as soon as you receive your package and we will work with you to resolve it.

What will postage cost?

Postage varies by region, and by parcel size/weight. 

Customers are asked to choose the correct postage option at checkout (urban or rural). 

If you order a worm farm or garden bed and plants in the same order, the postage for the worm farm will be added to the postage for the other items.  (These items are dispatched from separate locations.) 

If you live in the South Island, Waiheke or Great Barrier Island, please contact us for a custom shipping quote: 

How often do you dispatch?

To reduce the risk of plants sitting in a courier depot over weekends, we usually ship orders on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (except public holidays).   

How do you package your products?

We take extra care to water plants well and drain them before sending.  Plants are shipped in specially designed packaging, designed to reduce the risk of damage in transit. Trees and bushes are securely wrapped in paper to reduce risk of soil escaping during transit.  They are well supported with scrunched up paper to prevent movement during transit.  


Where do you deliver to? 

We deliver to most locations in the North Island - you can order and make payment via our website, Facebook or Instagram stores.  

South Island, Waiheke and Great Barrier

While we deliver to the South Island, we ask customers in these locations to email us for a quote:  Shipping to the South Island can be expensive and is extremely variable by location - we like to avoid nasty shocks at checkout! 

We don’t generally ship to Waiheke, Great Barrier except by special arrangement. (Delivery can be expensive, and we want to ensure that our live plants arrive in good condition.)  If items are small and non-perishable (such as seeds) delivery may be possible.  Contact us to discuss options:

Do you deliver to post office boxes?

Unfortunately live products like plants, garden beds and worm farms can't be delivered to Post Office Boxes. Large items (like garden furniture) are delivered to the nearest freight depot for customer pickup if outside of Auckland.